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post congress


Brand New Features Include:

  • CONDENSATE FOCUS : To reflect growing concerns surrounding the glut of condensates being produced in the Eagle Ford, this year will feature extensive analysis of the latest solutions for establishing condensate splitters & stabilizers to meet supply and examine option for optimizing existing pipelines for condensate takeaway
  • CRUDE BY PIPELINES, RAIL, BARGE & TRUCK : In addition to providing the latest updates on crude pipeline projects in the Eagle Ford, this year's event will expand its focus to examine how rail, barge and truck can be optimized to help takeaway capacity keep up with ever-rising production volumes
  • OPTIMIZING GAS PROCESSING & STORAGE INFRASTRUCTURE : With gas processing infrastructure now in place, the focus of this year's event will turn to how it can be optimized to ensure that the maximum proportion of higher value NGLs are being produced to ensure higher netbacks for producers and examining how current low gas storage levels will impact market dynamics
  • CONDENSATE MARKETS IN THE U.S. & CANADA : Evaluating how new splitters and developments in demand from Canada will drive pricing and demand levels for Eagle Ford condensates
  • CRUDE REFINERY RECONFIGURATIONS & CRUDE EXPORTS : Examining progress being made in retrofitting refineries to receive light sweet crude from the Eagle Ford and analyzing how potential changes to crude export regulations could impact market dynamics
  • GAS DEMAND FROM LNG EXPORTS & MEXICO : Quantifying what impact fresh natural gas demand from LNG exports, Mexican power plants and the domestic manufacturing industry will have on gas pricing and whether it will be enough to cause producers to re-evaluate gas-prone targets

2014 has seen a huge shift in challenges now faced by Eagle Ford E&Ps & midstream operators in getting their product to market. To keep up with rising production volumes of crude, natural gas, NGLs and, especially, condensates, it is now vital that not only is new takeaway capacity is established, but that existing infrastructure is optimized and alternative solutions such as rail, barge and truck are fully capitalized on. Additionally, Eagle Ford producers are becoming increasingly creative in finding new markets, both domestic and international, for their products.

Because of this, this year's agenda has been totally revamped to reflect the changing landscape of takeaway infrastructure and market destinations for Eagle Ford products. Now in its 4th year, the Eagle Ford Product Markets & Takeaway Capacity 2014 congress, will build on its legacy of being the only E&P-led Eagle Ford specific midstream congress, with 100% of presentations from E&Ps and midstream operators. This year, however, it will feature over 20 brand new case studies, with each presentation based on data collected in the last 6 months.


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